American Businessman, Radio Personality,

Author, Speaker, Investor & Philanthropist

Creator of Preventative Wealth Care®

Mr. Francis has nearly 25 years of experience in virtually all facets of the finance and economics industry. As the co-creator of Preventative Wealth Care®, he is passionate about helping investors, financial professionals, and institutions achieve their goals.

During his pre-med undergraduate program, Mr. Francis discovered his true direction in life and elected to pursue those interests in the world of finance and the investment industry including virtually all markets and sectors such as real estate, private equity, hybrid strategies, investment grade bonds, traditional and alternative investments, commodities, and more.

As an award-winning co-host of the long-running show, Financial Fortitude, he prides himself on being unbiased and objective when it comes to helping investors and financial professionals alike. His passion for helping people becomes evident through his humorous, yet focused approach. His dedication to the show’s slogan, America’s Investor Advocacy Show, comes through loud and clear as he’s willing to expose any problem in the industry as well as provide auspicious solutions to those problems.

Outside the studio, Mr. Francis is the Co-founder & Managing Partner of Minneapolis-based Vincent Companies, a privately held firm with multiple, specialized divisions all guided by a simple philosophy: Identify opportunity, manage risk, and create exceptional value. Vincent Real Estate is a fully integrated real estate division of Vincent Companies, involved in the acquisition and development of senior living communities and multi-family apartment buildings. Vincent Companies has built its strong reputation on providing modern-day investment vehicles. He is also the Co-founder of a Chicago-based hedge fund company, which specializes in creating unique growth and income funds.

In addition to his traditional business interests, Mr. Francis is a public speaker and author. His book, Preventative Wealth Care® – got protection?, has become extremely popular with investors and financial professionals alike. It’s available in paperback and e-book on Amazon. 

Outside the office, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends at his country home where he likes to grill and give tours around the lake.